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Christmas Orders

If you think of anything you need that is not on our list then please call the shop on 01869 243109.

We have various pies to offer including pork pies, duck supreme, chicken & ham & game pies. Please ring for availability. Thank you

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All the trimmings

All the trimmings to go with your Christmas meals!
From £2.80

Christmas Specials

A special of all the best trimmings to go with your Christmas dinner!
From £15.00

Caldecott Turkey

We only use the finest Caldecott turkeys, they are the very best! nicely presented in a carrier box!
From £52.50

Turkey Butterflies

Turkey Butterflies are becoming the most popular meal for Christmas dinners, as there is no waste whatsoever, making them great value for money! Completely boneless with just succulent white breast meat covered in streaky bacon!
From £15.90

Caldecott Cockerel

We only use Caldecott cockerels. They are the best around and are known for their incredibly moist meat!
From £27.00

Gressingham Ducks

Gressingham Ducks are the best money can buy and make a nice change as a Christmas meal!
From £14.40
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